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Videx of Corvallis, Oregon, now offers two choices in re­charge­able keys for its CyberLock Electronic Lock System. The Standard Re­charge­­able Key, intended for light duty, is comparable in size to an electronic car key. Similar in size but designed for harsher environments is the XD Rechargeable Key. These two re­charge­able keys join the original Cyber­Key, which uses a 3-volt lith­ium bat­tery that’s easy to replace in the field. The CyberLock system allows each user’s electronic key to be programmed with access privileges to allow or restrict access to specific locks at certain times of the day or week. Any organization can gain full-featured electronic access control by replacing the mechanical cy­l­in­ders inside their existing locks with the CyberLock electronic cylinders. The electronic keys cannot be duplicated, and the system provides detailed audit reporting for management.

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