Flashing Beacons

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R. STAHL of Waldenburg, Germany, has introduced a new signaling solution that withstands extreme environmental conditions and a temperature range of –55 degrees to +70 degrees Celsius. FX15 beacons feature an enclosure made from cor­rosion-resistant, glass-reinforced polyester that is designed to provide IP66/IP67 protection. All fittings are of stainless steel. A robust stainless steel lens guard protects the flame-retardant polycarbonate lens. The light source is a xenon tube. Lenses are available in seven colors, and enclosures are available in four epoxy coating colors. Beacons flash once per second with a flash energy of five joules. Operating voltages range from 24 and 48 VDC to 115 and 230 VAC.

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