Flat Panel Monitors

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Bosch Security Systems, Inc., of Fairport, New York, has added a line of high-performance and general-purpose color LCD flat-panel monitors to its portfolio of security components. The high-resolution VGA and UXGA monitors provide exceptional image quality along with other surveillance features, such as picture-in-picture, split-screen viewing, and digital HDMI input. The new monitors range in size from 15-inch to 42-inch models, and they offer options for mounting on walls, racks, and poles. The UML-172-90 17-inch and UML-192-90 19-inch high-performance monitors include a color thin film transistor active matrix LCD panel for high-resolution imaging. The UML-150-90 15-inch and the UML-170-90 17-inch general-purpose monitors provide crisp image quality and automatically adapt to the in-put resolution of the incoming video. All monitors comply with FCC and CE regulations for electromagnetic compatibility and with UL, EN, and IEC standards for product safety.

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