Infrared Barriers

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Sorhea of Vaulx-en-Velin, France, manufactures perimeter detection systems using infrared barriers, high-frequency barriers, and boundary impact detection. Infrared beams form a virtual barrier between transmitter and receiver columns, creating a continuous wall that is invisible to the naked eye. Intruders passing through the barrier break the beams and trigger an alarm contact, causing their presence to be detected without their knowledge. Most products are fitted with Fresnel lenses for improved signal quality and fewer spurious trips. Columns are equipped with network connections, simplifying wiring and enabling remote configuration and maintenance. Special software customizes the products to suit the needs of each site. The MAXIRIS 2000 system provides around-the-clock monitoring of sensitive sites with modular units and remote maintenance using the company’s WINMAXI software. COLIRIS II offers three levels of protection for sites with perimeters stretching between 100 meters and 1 kilometer. KAPIRIS provides targeting for controlling video cameras, tracking the movement of intruders inside a protected site.

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