Mini Dome

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The Picodome DDF3000APV from Dallmeier electronic of Regensburg, Germany, has a housing diameter of 80 millimeters and a dome cover measuring just 57 millimeters. The discreet, vandal-resistant camera offers an ultra-high dynamic range with high-resolution sensor technology. It provides 540 TV lines of resolution for detailed pictures without blooming or smearing. It has a 1/3-inch DPS picture sensor with a fixed lens and light sensitivity of less than 0.5 lux. For quick installation it features a push-point-and-lock function so the installer can configure the camera to point in any required direction. It also offers progressive scan, backlight compensation, gamma correction, a signal-to-noise ratio of 48 dB, and a slow shutter speed. It offers color and black-and-white modes, and settings can be configured remotely.

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