Optical Turnstiles

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Smarter Security Systems, Ltd., of Austin, Texas, has launched three new and four improved models of its Fastlane optical turnstiles. Enhancements to existing turnstiles include upgraded barrier arms that are quiet and can change direction midcycle for faster throughput, as well as new indicator lights and a power outage-failsafe option that enhances safety. Upgrades in appearance are achieved through tops that run the entire length of the pedestal and a change to a stainless steel pedestal for better reflection. Deeper trays beneath the tops allow multiple readers to be installed. GlassWing barriers are stronger to resist breakage. A new compact model allows for a lane that is only 21.7 inches wide, without losing aesthetic appeal or security capability. All turnstiles are based on Fastlane optical technology that detects tailgaters only 1/4 inch behind authorized personnel.


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