Passport Terminal

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The DSVII-PA biometric passport reader form Datastrip Inc. of Exton, Pennsylvania, provides passport authentication for border crossing, immigration, and travel applications that require instant verification of travel documents. The hand-held device can be used to authenticate passports, visas, driver’s licenses, and national ID cards by reading bar codes, OCR-B, and contact and contactless chips on those credentials. It supports an evolving list of ID document standards and applications, including Border Crossing, USVISIT, and Common Access Card. The device includes a 600-dpi scanner for full-page passport imaging and a 508-dpi capacitive fingerprint sensor for instant verification of biometric passports. The large, color, digital touchscreen can be read in direct sunlight and low-light conditions. A high-capacity, rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides more than 13 hours of power and is user-replaceable.

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