Perimeter Protection

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Future Fibre Technologies of Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia, has launched a zone-based per­imeter protection system that is designed to deliver low cost of ownership while offering leading protection technology. Secure Zone is a mid-range derivative of the company’s Secure Fence, offering its ARaD technology at a lower price. The technology uses signature recognition and advanced learning algorithms to learn the difference between an environmental nuisance alarm and an attempted intrusion, thus reducing nuisance alarms. Secure Zone interfaces with CCTV systems, lighting, gates, e-mail, and a broad range of external devices and systems. Its low-cost fiber-optic sensor cable is easily attached to a fence. It requires no electronics or power in the field, and it is easy to install or expand. An alarm instantly displays the area in which it is triggered, and the event is automatically logged into a secure database.

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