Portable PA System

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The FireFly Micro PA Unit is a port­a­ble, weatherproof, self-casing, all-in-one public address system designed for the military by Boston-based Technomad LLC. The unit meets the requirements of a man-pack PA system while offering quality audio, high power output, quick setup, and durability. It weighs 25 pounds and can be used for vehicle-mounted applications. The standard package features an internal four-channel mixer and battery, a wireless microphone, and modular expansion slots for audio sources, including MP3 players, CD players, and the Technomad SuperConductor military player module. This module allows an operator to schedule sounds at a certain time, hide the unit, and allow it to play messages, weapon simulations, and sound effects. An optional network interface allows operators to stream audio to other PA systems or receive audio over a network via a wireless, Ethernet LAN, or analog twisted-pair connection.

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