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The Zebra BASIC Interpreter (ZBI) 2.0 program service offering is now available as an option on all Zebra high-performance and industrial/commercial thermal printers and print engines, and the ZBI-Developer programming utility will be offered as a free download. New from Zebra Technologies of Vernon Hills, Illinois, ZBI 2.0 makes it easy to integrate Zebra thermal printers into a wide variety of applications. The interpretive programming module operates between the printer’s communications ports and label format processing engine, so printers can translate data streams that are not in Zebra Programming Language into printed labels. Thus, customers can replace non-Zebra printers with Zebra brand printers without label reformatting or reprogramming. It also enables direct printer connections to a scanner, scale, or keyboard. The ZBI-Developer utility enables users to program, test, and distribute the ZBI 2.0 programs to one or many printers.

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