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Atlanta-based ShatterGARD Inc. has developed a new security fogger that stops burglars by producing a dense wall of harmless fog that obscures an intruder’s vision. When triggered by a motion sensor or door trip, FogSHIELD ejects enough fog to blanket a space of 2,000 square feet in less than 15 seconds. The nontoxic fog is a compound of water and glycol that is forced through a patented cartridge connected to an internal heat exchanger. The resulting vapor creates a dry, colorless, harmless fog with a mint smell. The fog dissipates within 45 minutes, leaving no residue. The fogger works with existing alarm systems and will only activate when a specific series of alarm points are triggered. The only maintenance required is replacement of a fog ejection cartridge, designed to last five years and hold enough fog for about 15 ejections.

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