Video Analytics

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Rule-driven detection modules from ioimage of Herzliya, Israel, automate the task of monitoring video and detecting events. Real-time image analysis provides computer-vision capabilities that help lower surveillance costs. Intrusion detection automatically notes prohibited movement scenarios and can be used on stationary and pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Movement behavior mode provides an alarm when a person or vehicle moves within a prohibited area, while tripwire mode alarms when a person or vehicle breaches a line of separation. Object removal detection alerts security when an item is removed from its last location, and unattended baggage detection alarms when an item is deposited or appears in a controlled area. The autonomous PTZ tracking module provides self-directed vision-guided tracking to target a moving object, so that a target is kept in-sight and in-focus as it moves through an area. Stopped vehicle detection sends an alarm when a vehicle stops in a controlled area.

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