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Panasonic System Networks Company of America, based in Secaucus, New Jersey, offers a new HD Visual Communications System that is ideal for specialized applications in law enforcement and court systems because it offers a safe and cost-effective way to interview detainees without leaving secured environments. The KX-VC500 uses H.264 video compression to efficiently transmit high-definition video and audio using about half the bandwidth of competitive systems. Its flexibility and scalability allow it to accommodate a wide range of displays, including 150-inch plasma displays and HD projectors. It also allows for multiple cameras to be used, so a second camera can be used to send other images. It also allows video to be transmitted from laptops connected to the system. The system includes a 50-inch plasma TV, a codec, two HD video cameras, an HD microphone, a VPN router, and a remote control, along with cables and accessories.

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