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The new Siqura S-60 E triple-stream video server from Optelecom-NKF of German­­town, Maryland, can stream H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG simultaneously. Open Streaming Architecture provides effortless third-party integration and guarantees compatibility with equipment from other vendors. The encoder is available in two rack-mount versions as well as a standalone version. The rack-mount version has an optional pluggable SFP slot for connections via fiber optic cable. The server has a Web interface and is easily upgradeable in the field. Full in-band control is available through Si­qura’s MX Configuration Tool Kit or the HTTP API. S-60 E multi-codec video servers are part of the Siqura collection of video surveillance equipment and solutions, including video codecs/servers, IP cameras, video management, network storage, and configuration software.


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