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Quantum Secure of San Jose, California, has introduced the SAFE Analytics Suite, a bundle of new software modules to help us­ers prepare for risks and prevent risk-based events. The new modules enhance the SAFE enterprise software suite, which manages identities and physical access for physical security infrastructure. The new software adds analytics on physical identities, access management, events and alarms, and risk, with a module that assesses, measures, and remediates corporate risks related to physical security. It evaluates data to determine new patterns and trends, root-cause analysis of specific events, new data associations, and predictions.


SightLogix of Princeton, New Jersey, offers thermal analytics solutions for waterside installations, such as ports and other maritime applications. The systems can detect intruders despite background water movement and reflections. The thermal camera image processing has improved so that the traditional night-vision cameras can provide 24-hour outdoor security. Thermal SightSensors provide clear, detailed thermal images and can detect intrusions across site perimeters, enclaves, and outdoor areas in any light. The open-architecture systems work seamlessly with about 30 technology partners, including video management, access control and physical security information management systems.


New A310F and A310PT cameras from FLIR Systems, Inc., of Portland, Oregon, combine video security and precise temp­er­ature measurement of everything in the field of view. The cameras that provide per­imeter video security also provide uninterrupted, real-time temperature monitoring and difference analysis, so they detect human intruders as well as thermal conditions of machinery for predictive maintenance. The A310PT is a pan-tilt system with two environmental housings—one for the thermal camera and another for a day/night 36x zoom color CCD camera.

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