A Peak Inside al-Qaeda's Insurgent Strategies

By Col. Britt Mallow (retired)

***** Al-Qaida’s Doctrine for Insurgency: Abd Al-Aziz Al-Muqrin’s A Practical Course for Guerrilla War. Translated and Analyzed by Norman Cigar; published by Potomac Books, Inc., (Web); $26.95; 210 pages.

To defend against the security threats posed by global terrorism and insurgencies, we must step inside our enemies’ training camps and learn their ways of warfare. In this book, Marine Corps University Fellow Norman Cigar helps us do just that with the first practical English translation of a training manual written by a senior al Qaeda leader.
Saudi-born Abd Al-Aziz Al-Muqrin was a veteran of Islamic fighting groups in North Africa, Bosnia, and on the Arabian Peninsula, where he cofounded the region’s al Qaeda affiliate. A follower of Osama bin Laden, Al-Muqrin traveled and trained in Afghanistan, fought the U.S.-led coalition there after 9-11, and was involved in planning some of the bloody attacks against Western targets in Saudi Arabia in 2003 and 2004. He remained a prolific trainer and writer until his death at the hands of Saudi security forces in 2004.
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