Al Qaeda Plot to Kill Queen of England Foiled

By Matthew Harwood

Via The Australian:

A plot by al-Qaeda operatives to kill the Queen during a state visit to Uganda less than two months ago was foiled by security services.

The terrorists had planned to hide inside two broadcast vans owned by the Ugandan Broadcasting Corporation and then set off bombs during the Queen's visit to Kampala last November.

Uganda's Interior Affairs Minister Ruhakana Rugunda told the Sunday Express paper that several terrorists were arrested for involvement in the plot.

The former head of the Queen's protection also told the Sunday Express that while the Queen's "security arrangements are very sophisticated," the assassination plot "will have huge implications globally for the royal family's protection. It will obviously put forward planning into a huge new phase of concern."

The foiled plot wasn't the first time al Qaeda operatives tried to use society's trust in the media to carry out attacks. Two days before 9-11, two al Qaeda operatives impersonated a news crew to get close enough to Ahmad Shah Massoud, the leader of the guerilla organization fighting the Taliban for control of Afghanistan. During the interview, the cameraman detonated a suicide-bomb belt that killed Massoud, considered one of Afghanistan's great national heroes for his military prowess against the Soviets and then the Taliban movement.


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