Al-Qaida Planned Tenth Anniversary Attack

By Laura Spadanuta

Al-Qaida may have been planning an attack on American soil for the tenth anniversary of 9-11, according to records seized from Osama bin Laden's Pakistan home, reports MSNBC.

The plot involved attacking U.S. trains on 09/11/2011, according to information found in last weekend's raid that resulted in bin Laden's death at the hands of U.S. Navy Seals.

Among the suggested plots are the idea of tipping a train so it falls off the tracks at a valley or a bridge, or targeting of a mass transit hub. According to the article, a government advisory was sent to the rail industry on Tuesday, "as far back as February 2010, al-Qaida was contemplating 'an operation against trains at an unspecified location in the United States on the 10th anniversary' of the 9/11 attacks." However, the article states that U.S. officials told NBC that there is no intelligence indicating that such a plot is active.


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