ASIS Anounces 2010 Board of Directors

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

At Tuesday’s luncheon, ASIS International President Michael R. Cummings, CPP, introduced “the leaders whose efforts will guide this organization,” the 2010 Board of Directors officers and members.

Next, Cummings introduced the 2009 Board. The Society’s incoming president is Joseph R. (“Bob”) Granger, CPP, security director of United Space Alli­ance in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Cummings will become ASIS chairman of the Board.

Granger and Cummings will also serve on the Board Management Committee of the Board of Directors. The Board Management Committee directs the activities of ASIS between meetings of the full Board. These volunteer leaders maintain the stra­te­gic continuity to the programs, products, and services ASIS provides.
The Board Management Committee also includes the new president-elect, Raymond T. O’Hara, CPP, senior vice president for Andrews International of Palm Desert, California; as well as the new treasurer, Eduard J. Emde, CPP, consultancy manager for Interseco of The Hague, The Netherlands; the new secretary, Geoff Craighead, CPP, who is vice president of Universal Protection Services of Santa Ana, California.
The office of the Secretary was filled through an election by the 2010 Board of Directors held yesterday. 
Cummings then introduced the four members reelected to serve on the 13-member Board for the 2010-2012 term. They are: Marene Allison, vice president of security for Medco of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey; Geoff Craighead, vice president, Univeral Protection Services, Santa Ana, California; David C. Davis, CPP, director, division security, for North­rop Grumman of San Bernar­dino, California; and Richard E. Widup Jr., CPP, senior director of security operations/corporate security for Purdue Pharma LP of Stamford, Connecticut.
In addition, one new member was elected in August to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2010-2012 term. He is Joseph H. McDonald, CPP, PSP, who is CSO of Switch Communications Group; Las Vegas, Nevada.
The following members continue to serve on the ASIS Board of Directors: Chad Callaghan, CPP, vice president, enterprise loss prevention, Marriott International Inc., Washington, D.C.; Kaj Møller, corporate security manager of Novo Nordisk, Bagsværd, Denmark; Dave N. Tyson, CPP, senior director of information security, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, eBay, San Jose, California; and Richard Y. Yama­moto, CPP, director, corporate security and safety, Fannie Mae; Washington, D.C.
Criscuoli Award. Cummings then told the audience, “One of the pleasures of being the president of ASIS is that it affords me an opportunity to recognize a unique individual with a special award. This award focuses on the achievements of an outstanding volunteer leader with a long history of dedicated participation in chapter and regional activities and whose ideas and hard work are examples [for all]. It is truly an honor for me to bestow the 15th Annual E. J. Criscuoli, Jr., CPP, Volunteer Leadership Award to a member who has been a leader of his chapter for more than 20 years.”
He brought forward the winner, Rolland J. Benford, Jr., CPP, chief of campus safety at Michigan’s Kettering University. A member of the Flint Chapter since 1979, Benford was elected its chair eight times and served in that post continuously from 2003 until 2008. He has held every office numerous times and chaired four committees—nominating, newsletter, scholarship, and certification—during a 12-year period.
In his nominating letter, Regional Vice President of region 11A Garrett Ochalek, CPP, recalled first meeting Benford in 1984. Benford was chair of the Flint Chapter at the time and Ocha­lek was a young officer with the chapter. Ochalek was impressed with Benford’s knowledge and professionalism as well as his ability to successfully run a volunteer organization. Ochalek first noticed Benford’s response to any complex challenge: “No problem; we can do that.”
During the next quarter century, Och­alek observed that Benford “tirelessly and relentlessly dedicated his time and company resources to the Flint Chapter.” Calling him a leader with extraordinary skills, Ochalek saw “Jim ‘No Problem’ Bedford” devote countless hours to make the Flint Chapter—his chapter—a success.
The Criscuoli Award was founded by the former ASIS President and retired ASIS Executive Vice President to emphasize the significant contributions of a member at the chapter level. The award also has a financial component. Donations will be made to the ASIS Foundation, Inc., and Benford’s chapter in his name. In addition, Benford’s travel, lodging, and registration at this year’s seminar and exhibits were complimentary.
Bordes Award. Cummings next turned to the presentation of the Roy N. Bordes Council Member Award of Excellence. Cummings explained that the award honors the memory of Bordes, who served on various councils during his 30 years as an ASIS member, eventually serving for seven years as a council vice president. He announced that this year’s winner is James P. Litchko, president and CEO of Litchko and Associates.
Soon after Litchko joined ASIS in 1998, he joined the Information Technology Security Council (ITSC) and became cochair the following year. He continued as cochair of the council for the next four years, and he continues to serve on the ITSC as well as the Privacy and Personnel Information Management Council.
In 2001, Litchko was invited to join the Cyber Security Working Group, an initiative to bring all ASIS councils together to identify and document cybersecurity issues that were common to all the councils and the industries they represent. Litchko chaired the group. His leadership laid the groundwork for future council endeavors. In 2003, for example, Litchko, through the ITSC, reached out to the International Systems Security Association and the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, which ultimately led to a formalized partnership among ASIS and the other two groups.
From 2004 to the present, Litchko has been actively engaged in developing guidelines and standards. He participated in working groups developing the Threat Advisory System Response Guideline and the Chief Security Officer Guideline and Standard. Most recently, he was appointed to be ASIS International’s representative to the American National Standards Institute’s Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel.
“The list of accomplishments of this remarkable and dedicated member goes on and on,” Cummings commented.

As the recipient of the Bordes Award, ASIS has funded Litchko’s travel expenses, hotel accommodations, and four-day registration fee to the seminar and exhibits.


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