Be a Better CISO

By Matthew Harwood

Are the burdens of being a corporate information security officer (CISO) taxing you?

Fear not, says Khalid Kark, a principal analyst at Forrester Research, because his company spoke with a host of successful CISOs from around the globe to distill the seven habits of effective CISOs.

The number one rule for CISOs may surprise some. It has nothing to do with technology and training and everything to do with personal character. According to Forrester Research, CISOs must let their strong moral compass guide them always.

CISOs need to deal with their fair share of office politics, and having a principled stance in those dealings helps build trust and credibility. There might be times when a CISO needs to make tough choices, like stopping a critical IT project from going live, and CISOs must be perceived to act justly and fairly.

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