Beware Breaking News Spam E-mails

By Matthew Harwood

Last week spammers tried to spoof breaking news e-mails that, when clicked on, took users to a spoofed Web page where malicious code was downloaded. This week, hackers are spamming breaking news e-mails, according to

MX Logic believes the spammers behind the e-mail ruse are the same behind the e-mail scam.

Once a victim has clicked the link embedded within the e-mail, they are taken to a malicious Web page where further malware is downloaded onto the victim's computer. Typically, the user is taken to a Web page telling the victim that they need to install FlashPlayer. The victim has two options: kill his browser session or click the OK button. Doing the latter installs the malware.

Security researchers at MX Logic say the spammers sent over 250 million fraudulent e-mails in one day last week. The spoofed e-mails this week have come in waves of 1.5 to 2 million an hour, according to MX Logic's security blog.


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