Bin Laden Hopes Iraqis Will Unite Against United States

By Matthew Harwood

Irony, it seems, is also in the eye of the beholder.

A new message, purportedly from Osama Bin Laden, calls on the insurgent groups in Iraq to avoid "extremism."

According to Counterterrorism Blog, which has a slew of links on the latest communique:

AP reports that Bin Laden uses the word Arabic word "ta'assub" in his message. AP states that "in traditional Islamic thought [ta'assub] means extremism in allegiance or adherence to a group, to a degree that excludes others -- apparently advising flexibility to overcome divisions."

The point of Bin Laden's latest message:  the country's jihadist insurgents must once again unite against the United States.

As Evan F. Kohlman has reported at his, Bin Laden's call for unification must be in response to al Qaeda in Iraq's bloodthirsty tactics in Iraq, which have frayed al Qaeda's alliance with other Sunni insurgent groups.



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