Book Review: Managing Security Overseas

By Scott Ast; Reviewed by S. Ronald Hauri, CPP, CFE

***** Managing Security Overseas: Protecting Employees and Assets in Volatile Regions. By Scott Ast. CRC Press,; 366 pages; $82.95.

The author designed this book to provide the reader with the tools needed to advise corporations, senior management, and travelers about security when traveling to or doing business in volatile locations. Scott Ast draws on his personal experience, us­ing it to illustrate and reinforce the lessons put forward. The book is aimed at entry-level security personnel or those with little or no experience in the international arena of unstable or volatile countries. The book places a heavy emphasis on war zones where Ast gained his experience.

The first thing one notices about this book is the authoritative tone, which can, at times, come across as lecturing. Because much is based on personal experience, many statements begin with “I”, which may not be well received in the executive suite. But it is probably appropriate for the context of the book.

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