Book Review - Private Security in the 21st Century: Concepts and Applications

By Edward J. Maggio; Reviewed by Chris Hertig, CPP, CPOI.

On page 72, the author states that “Security guards are not normally required to make arrests, but they have the authority to make a citizen’s arrest or otherwise act as law enforcement officers.”

Further on, Maggio mentions that security personnel have a contractual obligation to enforce rules. Regrettably, this information may confuse some readers. Additionally, some references are outdated. There are also places where multiple supporting sources might have been better than one.

Private Security in the 21st Century provides some excellent topical treatment. There is considerable food for thought within its pages. Unfortunately, it has too many shortcomings to be used as a reliable resource or educational text. If these problems could be corrected in a second edition, however, it would most likely become a major contribution to the professional and academic literature in security.

Reviewer: Chris Hertig, CPP, CPOI (Certified Protection Officer Instructor) is a member of the Behavioral Sciences Department at York College of Pennsylvania. He is co-editor of The Professional Protection Officer. He is a member of ASIS International.

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