BP Anniversary: Amid Growing Exploration Risks, "Don't Do Something Stupid"

By Joseph Straw

The Department of the Interior, for its part, enacted regulations late last year requiring improved safety plans and inspections. The government, meanwhile, is finalizing requirements for 24/7 response capability to emergencies, including spills, at offshore wells.

Allen told Washington. D.C.'s The Hill newspaper a couple things he would have done differently: establish uniform safety and operational standards for the fishing vessels and crews that volunteered in the cleanup and take control of the airspace over the scene immediately after the explosion.  Near-collisions threatened to compound the disaster, he said.

Allen urged passage of legislation requiring Coast Guard approval of corporate spill response plans, and elevation of the oil spill liability limit above the current $75 million, which he said is “not good public policy.”

♦ Photo by U.S. Coast Guard


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