Canada Becoming Cyber Criminal Breeding Ground

By Laura Spadanuta


According to a Financial Post article:

The most recent bust happened last month, when U.S. law enforcement officials seized data servers in five states believed to have been a part of the infamous "Coreflood" botnet.

Before it was shut down, the automated computer hacking network infected as many as two million computers around the world, stealing passwords and other user information in order to commit fraud and theft ranging into the millions of dollars.

"We haven't really seen the same amount of activities from the Canadian authorities," said Mr. Runald.

The Post article also quotes Avner Levin, director of the Privacy and Cyber Crime Institute at Ryerson University in Toronto. Levin states in the article that he has not seen a dramatic increase in Canadian-based cybercrime through his own research. However, he adds, "It may be that this report is showing us stuff that is ahead of the curve and we need to see whether this would really be the case." Levin also states that Canada is "underresourced" at investigating cybercrime.

♦ photo by alexindigo/flickr


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