CIA: Poor Pre-9-11 Performance, Report Says

By Matthew Harwood, Staff Editor

The recently declassified executive summary from the Central Intelligence Agency's own inspector general report confirms the intelligence failures documented by the 9-11 Commission and earlier congressional hearings: the CIA made critical mistakes leading up to the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

The Office of the Inspector General's executive summary from the June 2005 report says:

...the Team concluded that the Agency and its officers did not discharge their responsibilities in a satisfactory manner.

The head of the CIA, who was at the time George Tenet, comes in for specific criticism, by title if not by name.

The OIG Team also found that the IC [Intelligence Community] did not have a documented, comprehensive approach to al-Qa'ida and that the DCI [Director of Central Intelligence] did not use all of his authorities in leading the IC's strategic effort against UBL [Usama Bin Laden].

The New York Times reports the 9-11 Commission's Executive Director, Philip D. Zelikow, said the report was "broadly consistent with the panel's findings."

To read the full executive summary of the OIG report, courtesy of The Times, click here.



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