Colombia: Killers Post Two Hit Lists on Facebook; Three Teenagers Murdered

By Matthew Harwood

Facebook can be used for many things: reconnecting with old friends, organizing parties, selling goods, even radicalizing potential jihadi recruits. But this fiendishly innovative use for the site may be the most shocking. In the southwestern Colombian town of Puerto Asis, unknown killers last week posted a hit list of 69 names with a warning: get out of town within 3 days or die.

On August 15, according to, two town teenagers were gunned down while riding a motorcycle. Two days later, the killers posted a hit list on Facebook. Both slain teenagers appeared on the list. Three days later on August 20, another two teenagers were shot. The one who died also appeared on the hit list. Another hit list was then posted with the names of 31 women, bringing a total of 100 people marked for death. Facebook has not responded to press requests for comment.

Some parents with children on the list have panicked, fleeing with them or shipping them out of town, while authorities investigate who posted the hit list and why. Both Los Rastrojos ("The Stumble"), a neo-paramilitary drug organization, and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a Marxist narco-insurgency, operate in the area, according to AOL News' Carl Frazen.

Volmar Perez Ortiz, Colombia's defendor of the public, described Los Rastrojos as operating an almost shadow government, "executing violent actions, resolving community conflicts, imposing living and conduct norms, intimidating and meting punishment against ... drug sellers and consumers, sex workers, people with criminal and unlawful histories and threatening social leaders, business people, taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi drivers."


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