Colombia: Killers Post Two Hit Lists on Facebook; Three Teenagers Murdered

By Matthew Harwood


Appropriately, some townspeople have taken to Twitter, a social networking site and microblogging service, to air their fear and grievances.

"The situation in Puerto Asis is tenacious, that a social site be used to add fire to the Colombian conflict," tweeted JulianEco.

"What is happening in Puerto Asis, Putumayo, is grave, the same as in Medellin," another tweet from user hugoparragomez said. "Authorities should take control of the situation. Who is investigating?"

Other threats have been left as well, albeit much more low-tech. According to the Telegraph, leaflets have been left on cars in town, stating "“Please, as relatives, ask [the teenagers on the list] to leave town in less than three days, or we’ll see ourselves forced to carry out more acts like that of 15 August."

Federal authorities have been sent from Bogata to investigate, including Internet experts; while authorities have offered $2,750 to anyone with information on the slayings.

 ♦ Photo by Franco Bouly/Flickr


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