Conference Promotes Data Sharing Among CISOs

By Matthew Harwood

Ebay, last week, held a security conference for chief information security officers aimed at combating cybercrime.

The company described the "Red Team" security conference as a networking opportunity for CISOs to discuss the common threats their organizations face.

The Washington Post reports the conference’s concentration on networking, as well as openly discussing vulnerabilities and sharing data is a departure from past practice.

While companies using Internet technology may be facing a common set of problems these days, they haven't always shared information with their peers. That's because if news of a hacked server or a data breach is leaked to the press, it can become a public-relations disaster for the company involved.

This has helped keep many cybercrime victims quiet, even when dealing with law enforcement.

Dave Cullinane, eBay’s CISO, created the Red Team conference one year ago to fight that mentality.

"What we were trying to do was to get all the CISO's together,"Cullinane said. "We're dealing with similar problems, almost all of us."

This year, CISOs spoke about how they conduct cross-border investigations and which security products they use professionally and whether they were any good.



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