Confession Details How Boko Haram Uses Stolen Cars to Support Terrorism Operations

By Carlton Purvis


Qaqa also noted that internal fighting was a problem as a result of favoritism among members. More powerful figures would provide 'disbursements of largesse' to other members based on tribalism and favoritism, angering members who didn’t benefit.

“Further fragmentation within the group could be recently seen with some Boko Haram members being killed by others and contradicting reports surfacing from the group with regard to its willingness to negotiate with the government,” Radzinski said.

Boko Haram has no central chain of command or leadership, said Radzinski, so this type of conflict – arguments over disbursements of largesse -- could be a catalyst for more fragmentation.

Boko Haram operations are going to be difficult for security forces without using undercover operatives to identify leadership, counter surveillance to prevent attacks, and “skilled personnel, who can adapt to new counter terror methods, as militants quickly evolve and adapt to new situations,” Radzinski said.

photo: DVIDS


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