Conspicuously Secure Compound Helped Undo Bin Laden, Officials Say

By Matthew Harwood


During the firefight, three other adult males were killed besides bin Laden: the courier, his brother, and one of bin Laden’s adult sons. National security officials also said that one woman was killed when she was used as a human shield by one of the militants. During the attack, one helicopter failed due to mechanical difficulties and had to be destroyed. The strike team then boarded another aircraft after securing Bin Laden’s body. The officials said the attack was conducted in a manner to minimize collateral damage. 

Responding to a question about bin Laden’s remains, a senior national security official said his body will be handled in accordance with Islamic customs, which he said is a matter the United States takes very seriously.

The compound which harbored bin Laden was in existence for five years and is believed to have been built for that express purpose, according to a national security official. The official said U.S. intelligence doesn’t know yet how long Bin Laden had been living in the compound before the assault occurred yesterday.

♦ Thumbnail by Daquella manera/Flickr

Correction: The original article inaccurately said the compound's trash was taken outside of the gates. Rather it was burned. The article has been corrected. 


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