Convenience Store Group Raises Awareness About Credit Card Skimming

By Carlton Purvis

Skimming in the News:

August 15 – Law enforcement in New South Wales, Australia intercepted 1,280 phone calls from 10 different mobile phones to catch a four-man skimming operation. The men were arrested Sunday for running a skimming scheme that targeted customers of retail stores. They offered $25,000 to shop owners to let them modify store credit card machines.

August 11 – A Prince George's County T.G.I. Friday’s employee was indicted after skimming the credit cards of two Secret Service agents who were out to lunch. He had already made $42,000 in unauthorized purchases on 73 credit cards in a four-month period.

August 9 – In Tampa, local law enforcement confiscated four skimmers from RaceTrac gas stations where thieves had unlocked the gas pumps and attached a devices inside that recorded credit card numbers.

August 5 – A Mugs N Jugs waitress in Florida used a skimmer the size of a quarter get back at nine customers she felt gave her a hard time. She'd skim the cards, and then her cousin would make fake credit cards with the information for his ex-girlfriend to use to buy things.

July 6 – Four Houston men were indicted and charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and two counts of access device fraud after spray painting over surveillance cameras and placing overlay skimmers on ATMs. The stolen information was re-encoded onto fake cards and used to withdraw more than $400,000.

May 30 - Skimming was so bad in West Covina, California in June that the city asked residents to pay for gas with cash.

photo by _Fidelio_ from flickr



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