Cybercriminals Quick to Exploit Obama Win

By Matthew Harwood

Less than one day after Senator Barack Obama was declared President-elect of the United States, cybercriminals are already exploiting the historic win last night by using spam e-mails announcing it to infect unsuspecting users with malware, reports Sophos Labs Security Blog.

Inside the e-mail, a hyperlink tells the reader "Proceed to the election results news page ..." When clicked upon, a window opens telling the user she needs to download Adobe Flash to view the video. If the user agrees, malware known as Mal/Behav-027 is installed on her computer.

"My guess is that this is far from the last example we will see of Barack Obama’s name and image being abused by malware authors in their greed to infect internet users," writes Sophos' blogger Paul O Baccas

To see what the spam e-mail and Web site looks like, click here.


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