Digital Video Surveillance and Security

By Anthony C. Caputo; Reviewed by Jack F. Dowling, CPP, PSP


Caputo has an extensive background in the video security field, which is evident throughout the book. As a practitioner, he combines technical and practical real-world concerns to present a complete and useful analysis. He relates his own experiences in upgrading the security monitoring system at Chicago’s Navy Pier on Lake Michigan, a destination for 8.6 million residents and tourists each year.
An appendix contains survey forms for evaluating and selecting video monitoring systems. There’s also an index for quickly locating a specific topic.
 This book is extremely educational and should be consulted by any security professional interested in the transition from analog to digital video.


Reviewer: Jack F. Dowling, CPP, PSP, is president of JD Security Consultants, LLC, in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and teaches in the criminal justice administration program at the University of Phoenix. He is a member of the ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council and Physical Asset Protection Standards Technical Committee and previously served on its Facilities Physical Security Measures Guideline Committee.


CCTV security systems

i am truly happy to read about this book. this book can give me a lot of information which i am looking for. i was searching the complete information about CCTV security systems. and now i have achieved my goal. thank you for sharing this type of great info. i like to come here again.

In my point of view this

In my point of view this book can be very useful for many companies who use different video security system in there business. Security is one of the very important part and plays a major role in any organization. Without having good and reliable security organization can be at risk. Nowadays we find many business having cctv cameras in their business place. Which helps them a lot to know what is going on or what went wrong in the past. I belive this book is going to solve problems of many people who were lacking to gain knowledge about digital video security. Many people are fond of home security systems which makes them feel safe but, the problem is people are not sabby with the systems and I believe that this book can be usrfull for those. It is true that you also need to know the security software very well and I belive the book will also help in selecting the right software and will also help to integrate with other security systems.

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