Don't Fall for Angelina Jolie Spam

By Matthew Harwood

Last week security experts warned of spammers exploiting people's hunger for instant news and fears of a U.S.-Iranian war, today they warn of spam e-mails exploiting the public's appetite for celebrities in compromising positions.

According to, spammers are using the lure of seeing an adult movie of actress Angelina Jolie, wife of actor Brad Pitt, to infect victims' computers with malware.

Researchers at Romanian firm BitDefender said that this latest campaign is mostly carried via spam messages based around alleged adult video footage of the movie star.

In order to watch the 'movie', users have to download a file called 'video-nude-anjelina.avi.exe' which is infected with Trojan.Agent.AGGZ.

The spam message comprises an explicit image of Jolie, along with text claiming that the email has been sent as part of the MSN Featured Offers programme.

The message attempts to play a double role by trying to trick the user into thinking that this is a legitimate news message and by preventing spam filters from labelling the entire email as spam.

This isn't the first time spammers have exploited Jolie's celebrity to infect computers with malware. After Jolie gave birth to twins on July 12, hackers sent spam e-mails boasting they had video of the event. When victims clicked on the link embedded in the e-mail, they were taken to a compromised Web site that immediately started downloading malware onto their computer—a practice known as drive-by download.

Vlad Valceanu, head of BitDefender anti-spam research, told that ""This type of attack seems to be extremely successful, as the number of messages has quickly escalated over the last couple months."


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