E-mail Security Provider Adds Extra Layers of Security

By John Wagley

In her recent book, Going Rogue: An American Life, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin called an incident in which her Yahoo e-mail was hacked the “most disruptive and discouraging” of her campaign.

Anyone seeking better e-mail security may want to check out a service called StrongWebmail, which adds a stronger layer of protection than just a user name or password. Users can verify their login with a PIN code sent via telephone.

When creating a new account, users provide the service with a phone number. They then choose a password and a user name, which consists of a user-specified name followed by the “@” symbol and “” Customers are then sent a three-digit PIN, which can be used for initial account access. Users also have the option of only using the out-of-band PIN security system when they are at an “untrusted” computer not recognized by StrongWebmail.

People might only use the system when they are away from home or the office, says company CEO Darren Berkovitz.

(To read the rest of "Worth a Look: StrongWebmail" in the March 2010 issue of Security Management, click here.)

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