EDS Companies to Profit from Larger DHS Budget

By Matthew Harwood

Airport security vendors will be the beneficiaries of a larger homeland security budget—especially one that increases the airport explosive detection budget by 7 percent—reports the Associated Press.

Of the $544 million designated for explosive-detection systems, $89 million will go to contracts to deploy next-generation systems in small-to medium-sized airports. Of the 450 U.S. airports, 250 are small-to medium-sized.

Congress has also allocated mandatory funding to provide checkpoint support to screen airline passenger and carry-on baggage.

The companies most likely to profit from the budget increase, according to a Wall Street analyst the AP spoke with, are explosive detection system vendors Analogic, L-3 Communications, and General Electric Co., as well as checkpoint-airport security companies, including OSI Systems and American Science & Engineering Inc.


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