EU Proposes New Antiterrorism Laws

By Matthew Harwood

Last week Security Management relayed a report that the European Union would be outlawing the incitement, recruitment, and training of terrorists as part of a broader antiterrorism strategy.

Now, via the BBC, there is a clearer picture of what specifically is in the new counterterrorism proposal.

Under the plan, all 27 EU members would make recruitment, training and provocation to terrorism illegal.

The plan also provides for an early warning system if legal explosives are lost or stolen.

It criticises some countries for not doing enough to co-ordinate their laws after agreeing to do so five years ago.

The plan gives special attention to the internet.

etting up web sites that encourage violence or explain how to make bombs would become a criminal offence.

The plan also focuses on air passenger data, requiring EU states to collect 19 pieces of personal information about people flying to or from member states.

The information would include a phone number, e-mail address and payment details, and would be kept on file for 13 years.



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