Experts Weigh In On 2013 Cyberthreats

By Carlton Purvis

From Anonymous to the Department of Homeland Security, security experts weigh in on cyberthreats to look out for in 2013. They include Java, privacy violations, DDoS attacks, and mobile malware.

What is the number one biggest threat or the fastest growing cyberthreat that people can expect to see in 2013?

Man-in-the-browser attacks for mobile platforms will flourish as they allow you to bypass authentication to cloud environments and traditional portals.

In addition, watering hole attacks will become the main delivery mechanism for cybercrime as you can pollute trusted websites and use those sites to attack their constituencies.

What is facilitating the problem?

Web 3.0 has an Achilles heel, which is the dependency on the browser to authenticate to the cloud from the mobile end point. The browsers are vulnerable to MIB attacks. In addition, most industries are migrating to 3.0 this year.

This migration to Web 3.0 and the modularization of automated attack code facilitate credential theft and the delivery of zero days for applications. In addition, the vulnerability of web sites and mobile apps to the OWASP top 10. HTML 5 exacerbates this phenomenon.

What specific measures can people take to address the threat?

Organizations allocate greater resources to virtual patching, file integrity monitoring, cloud security, and advanced threat protection.

- Tom Kellerman, Vice President of Cyber Security for Trend Micro


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