Experts Weigh In On 2013 Cyberthreats

By Carlton Purvis


What is the number one biggest threat or the fastest growing cyberthreat that people can expect to see in 2013?

Internet wiretap and control over your internet life by your ISP.

What is facilitating the problem?

Pressure from different regulation agencies representing rich entities like Hollywood. Big internet service provider that cooperate with law enforcment without warrant like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. 

What specific measures can people take to address the threat?

Install Firefox with the following extensions => HTTPS Everywhere, DoNotTrackMe. Use the TOR Browser bundle when you do stuff you think Hollywood would disagree with. Learn about data encryption : HTTPS (ssl) and paid VPNs like HideMyAss. Follow @YourAnonNews on twitter and educate yourselves.

- spokesperson for Anonymous (AnonRelations) via e-mail. 



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