Experts Weigh In On 2013 Cyberthreats

By Carlton Purvis


What is the number one biggest threat or the fastest growing cyberthreat that people can expect to see in 2013?

If current trends continue we will see even greater risks from ransomware and mobile malware in 2013. The volume of mobile malware has grown exponentially on Android, and Google's attempts at blocking it are not working. 2012 saw a large increase in ransomware infections, but they seem to be gaining speed, not slowing down as we prepare to enter 2013.

What is facilitating the problem?

Social engineering is responsible for most of the Android threats. People trying to load pirated versions of paid apps or being convinced to install free tools that are Trojanized. Ransomware most frequently invades Windows PCs through unpatched security flaws, primarily Java.

What specific measures can people take to address the threat?

Stay up to date on all of your OS patches and plugins and only load software from reputable sources. If you avoid pirated software and keep up to date, you will avoid 99% of the trouble out there. Common sense always rules.
- Chester Wisniewski, Senior Security Advisor. Sophos Inc.


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