Experts Weigh In On 2013 Cyberthreats

By Carlton Purvis



What is the number one biggest threat or the fastest growing cyberthreat that people can expect to see in 2013?

In the next year, due to ease of acquisition, inexpensive cost, and the growing number of "hackers-for-hire," enterprises will likely see an increase in unwanted traffic, DDoS, competitive scraping and malicious service attacks.

What is facilitating the problem?

The problem is growing exponentially and is two fold: 1) These attacks are relatively inexpensive and easy to implement, and 2) Many organizations have not taken the necessary steps to protect their networks beyond – their existing technology, like their Firewall and IPS which were not built to handle this unwanted traffic.

What specific measures can people take to address the threat?

Allowing unwanted traffic onto any enterprise network can cost money, waste resources, impacts availability, invites compromise, degrades performance, masks behavior and even informs competitors. In addition to first formulating a security plan, it would help to implement some additional prevention plans.

With attackers growing in sophistication, a new sort of security "perimeter" that goes beyond traditional firewall technology is required to stop these attacks before they can take root. These technologies, a new first line of defense, halt DDoS and server-targeted malicious attack activity by filtering and removing attack traffic before it even reaches the firewall, without impacting legitimate traffic. This way, your infrastructure (Firewalls, Load Balancers, IPS, Servers, Databases etc.) will never see it.

- Stephen Gates, Technology Evangelist at Corero Network Security


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