FBI: Sikh Temple Shooter Killed Himself

By Laura Spadanuta

Wade Michael Page, the gunman who killed six in a shooting rampage at a Sikh temple outside of Milwaukee, died of a self-inflicted gunshot, The Chicago Tribune reports. 

Page opened fire at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on Sunday before services began. Using a 9mm gun, Page killed six people. One of the dead included the temple president, who was shot while trying to fend off Page with a butter knife, according to the article.

Page shot a police officer at least eight times in the temple's parking lot.  The officer wounded Page, and then Page shot himself in the head. It was that shot that killed Page, authorities said at a press conference Wednesday morning.

Detectives are still working to determine motive for the attack.

"The FBI has classified the incident as domestic terrorism, a violent act for social or political gain. The FBI's Carlson said though investigators have not yet determined what drove Page over the edge or that anyone nudged him along the way, they continue to search to make sure.

Investigators probably will collect all bullets and fragments from the temple and the victims' bodies to confirm they came from Page's gun. Detectives also will pore over witness statements to make absolutely certain he was the only shooter, said Joe LeFevre, chairman of the forensic science department at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton."

Page was in the Army but went AWOL before being discharged in 1998. The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled Page as a "frustrated neo-Nazi."


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