FBI: White Extremists Don’t Have the Organization to Launch Suicide Attacks

By Carlton Purvis

Available portions of a heavily redacted section of the report say white supremacists won’t publicly sanction violence (and members are advised to distance themselves from the group prior to committing violence), so the threat of suicide attacks is more likely to come from individuals acting on messages espoused by the groups.

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism says right-wing extremists were responsible for 145 domestic attacks between 1990 and 2010. Thirty-seven percent of attacks between 1990 and 2010 were committed by lone attackers. Ten percent of the perpetrators expected to be killed or captured while committing their crimes.

On August 5th, for example, Wade Michael Page, an Army veteran and white supremacist, gunned down six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin before shooting it out with police, then comitting suicide. The attack prompted condolences from both President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

While major party candidates have yet to formally address threats from the radical right in their campaigns, Green Party presidential candidate Jull Stein released a statement on Tuesday saying the nation is doing a poor job at addressing terrorism from white supremacist groups.

“An individual may decide to act alone, but this does not absolve the hate groups from responsibility for their role in laying the groundwork for the tragedy," Stein said. Stein says that if elected she would refocus FBI and Homeland Security efforts on countering domestic terrorism and white supremacist groups.

Two additional documents released by the National Security Archive last month discussed neo-Nazi efforts to infiltrate law enforcement and a tactic called “ghost skins” where they try and blend in with society as much as possible.

A request for information on the complete context of the documents has been submitted to the FBI.

[UPDATE 3:44 p.m.]

FBI spokeswoman Beth Lefebvre: This document is a law-enforcement sensitive publication for official use only (LES and FOUO designations) that is not for public dissemination, and was not released by the FBI into the public domain. Therefore, the FBI will not be able to provide assistance on this matter.


Neo-Nazis vs. Jihadists

This nature did not come from sudden. The radical Islam organizations purposely indoctrinate the public with the twisted form of Islam to create the human bombs from them, as they understood the suicide attacks are very successful combat tactic. There is nothing like that within the neo-Nazis or other white supremacy organizations. They don’t have such strong official backup and it is not part of their personality. They know and understand that they do an attack – ethically something evil. Contrary to that, jihadist shaheed understand it oppositely. He is one step before heaven – the pure good. His state of mind is absolutely purified.

Understanding the ethical difference is important not just for interesting academic debates. It is crucial for understanding the roots of this deadly phenomenon and the key for solutions." class="comment-body">I think the author hit the point when he writes "Within American white supremacist ideology, there is no promise of 72 virgins or guarantee of martyrdom after death”. But it is more than these “understandable” benefits. To understand the unique position of radical Islamic suicide attackers, it is necessary to understand the concept of shaheeds for the Islamic society.

This concept is linked with religious obligations and for a religious person it is the highest status a person can gain from his/her life. Radical Islamists twisted this concept from spiritual offering to physical offering and the obligation to combat to death with infidels. In a radical Islamic society kids grow up in a nature where this belief is expressed from all possible sources influencing the person from the very childhood. It covers official religious and political leaders, school teachers and official textbooks, sport and culture events, entertaining movies or TV shows, but also general public and parents – it is everywhere. Families of shaheeds, who blew themselves up in a suicide attacks, celebrates this event together with their neighbors as a wedding and it is not just TV propaganda. The results are predictable. Kids growing up in such perverse society are brainwashed and the concept becomes part of their personality. When they are five, they play games on suicide bombers in the kindergarten. When they are eleven, they express their willing to become a suicider in a TV shows. And here is an example of 14years old kid with a suicide vest on his “wedding” mission:

Understanding the ethical difference is important not just for interesting academic debates. It is crucial for understanding the roots of this deadly phenomenon and the key for solutions.

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