Feds Drop the Hammer on Sheriff Joe Arpaio

By Carlton Purvis

Over the course of the investigation the DOJ interviewed more than 400 people, including 75 current or former MSCO staff  and 150 former and current inmates.

The report also tells of racist e-mails that were circulated through the office, racial slurs directed at Latino inmates, and the illegal arrest of an immigration rights organizer that Arpaio smugly approved of on a social networking profile. The Maricopa County attorney later dropped the charges against the organizer admitting that there was no probable cause for the arrest.

“The problems are deeply rooted in MCSO’s culture, and are compounded by MCSO’s penchant for retaliation against individuals who speak out,” Perez said.

The DOJ says effective resolution will require MCSO to develop a written agreement along with federal judicial oversight.

“We prefer to resolve this matter without resort to further litigation, although we will not hesitate to file suit, if necessary….If MCSO is not interested or if we deem that MCSO is not engaged in good-faith efforts to achieve compliance by voluntary means, we are prepared to file a civil action to compel compliance,” the report says.

MSCO has until January 4 to respond.

photo by Gage Skidmore/flickr


Sheriff Joe for President

Sheriff Joe for President

Sheriff Joe

 Sheriff  Joe has more credibility than Janet Napalitano. In my opinion she is a tool of the Obama administration. It is no big secret that she  serves the Obama socialist agenda. They see nothing wrong with people coming into the country illegally feeding off of benefits which they have no right too.  Voting in elections illegally and destroying America in general.  Border patrol agent are victimized by her vindictive legal assaults on anyone that tries to stop the flow of drugs, illegals and the crime they bring.


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