FEMA Launches New Web Site for Wireless Devices

By Joseph Straw

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has launched a new mobile-friendly Web site offering user-friendly, wireless access to emergency preparedness and aid information, administrator W. Craig Fugate announced Wednesday.

The site, located at, is not an application, or “app,” requiring download, but a reformatted, simplified homepage. The site displays a short column of key topics, made easy-to-access either by tap on a smartphone’s touchscreen or click with a trackball mouse.

Topics on the mobile homepage include “How do I keep my family safe?” “Where can I get assistance?” and “How can I help others?”  Eight additional disaster-specific links address topics including  hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. Absent are terrorism and other high-consequence, man-made disasters, like accidental chemical releases.

(For more on how DHS is getting tech savvy, read "From Research to Reality" from the Feb 2010 issue of Security Management.)

Behind the links are more specific but brief pages offering simple tips and guidelines for concerns including personal and food safety and caring for children.

Exploiting mobile and Web 2.0 technology to boost both preparedness and emergency response is one of Fugate’s top priorities as FEMA administrator.

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