First Guilty Verdict in Operation Rhino

By Matthew Harwood

The StarTribune notes that there have been continued reports of young men leaving Minneapolis for Somalia through the militant pipeline. One worry is that recruits, clutching U.S. passports, may one day return home and attack the United States. This has historical precedent. At the end of the Soviet-Afghan War, Algerian militants returned home and helped launch a bloody terrorist campaign as part of the Armed Islamic Group against the country’s secular military dictatorship.

"We still do not have any specific, credible intelligence that that is in the works," FBI Supervisory Special Agent E.K. Wilson said. "But since the formal alignment of al-Shabab and al-Qaida, and their obvious interest in waging external attacks outside of Somalia, it's our utmost and highest priority to consider that possibility."

Omar’s attorneys say he will appeal the verdict.

♦ Shabaab War Flag by Ingoman/WikiMediaCommons



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