Former DHS Secretary Praises New Government Cyber Identities Plan

By John Wagley

The primary way the private sector can assist government may be in information sharing, he said. Knowledge of attackers and their methods, and effective dispersal of such information, is crucial in curbing cyber threats. Continuing advancements in solutions that can monitor networks for suspicious activity is a promising area of cyber security, he added, and can help generate even more valuable data.

But public and private sector cooperation has faced numerous challenges, he said, including insufficient trust and legal and other barriers to sharing sensitive information.

Organizations could also benefit by avoiding an excessive focus on certain kinds of existing or potential security strategies and techniques, he said. Some organizations focus too much on new technological solutions and neglect areas, such as training and educating end users on cyber risks, that can be an effective and low-cost approach.

♦ Photo of Michael Chertoff, then secretary of homeland security, by Marion Doss/Flickr


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