Game Camera Catches Naked Ghosthunter in Mississippi Cemetery

By Matthew Harwood

When a cemetery in Picayune, Mississippi, set up game cameras to capture grave vandals, staff found something bizarre instead: 47-year-old Robert T. Hurst setting up photography equipment in all his naked glory.

But even the sight of a middle-aged man naked and taking pictures in the middle of a dark cemetery wasn't the weirdest part of the story. It's what brought Hurst to the cemetery at night and why he dropped his drawers.

According to the Picayune Item, Hurst was indulging his year-long hobby of photographing ghosts on his camera. Known as orb photography (more examples here), enthusiasts try to capture circular balls of light that appear to have faces embedded within.

And apparently naked human skin is to orbs what chum is to a shark. "Skin can be the best canvas for such photography," Hurst reportedly told the paper, adding, “I’ve got some great pictures, it’s really fascinating."


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